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Glasfloss Pleated Filters 16 x 20 x 1 MERV 8 Case of 12

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Price Each: $68.25

Pleated Furnace and A/C Filters 16 x 20 x 1

Glasfloss ZLP16201 Pleated Air Filter Features

  • MERV 8
  • 100% Synthetic Media
  • Heavy-duty, Moisture Resistant
  • Galvanized Expanded Metal Backing

Filters are sold in cases of 12 only. Prices shown are for 1 case of 12.

Nominal Size - 16 x 20 x 1

Actual Size - 15-1/2 x 19-1/2 x 7/8

Part # ZLP16201

  • Model: ZLP16201

Fits the following models

FF1ENP018, FF1ENP019, FF1ENP024, FF1ENP025, FF1ENP030, FF1ENE018, FF1ENE024, FF1ENE030, FEA4X1805A, FEA4X1807A, FEA4X2405A, FEA4X2407A, FEA4X2411A, 2TGB3F25A1000, 2TGB3F30A1000, 2TGB3F36A1000, 4TGB3F18A1000, 4TGB3F25A1000, 4TGB3F30A1000, 4TGB3F36A1000, GAF2A0A18S11, GAF2A0A24S21, GAF2A0A30S21, GAF2A0A36S31, GAM5A0A18M11, GAM5A0A24M21, TAM7A0A24H21, TAM8A0A24V21, TAM4A0A18S11, TAM4A0A24S21, TAM4A30S21, TAM4A0A36S31, TWG025A140, TWG030A140, TWG036A140, TWV018B140, TWV024B140, TWV025B140, CB26UH018R, CB26UH024R, CB26UH018, CB26UH024, CBX26UH018, CBX26UH024, AWUF30051AA, AWUF30081AA, AWUF30101AA, AWUF36051AA, AWUF36081AA, AWUF36101AA, FF1ENP025,ffmanp018,ffmanp024,ffmanp019,ffmanp025,gb5bw-024,gb5bw-018, AE18BX21, AE24BX21, AE30BX21, AE36BX21, AHE18B3XH21, AHE24B3XH21, AHE30B3XH21, AHR18B3XH21, AHR24B3XH21, AHR30B3XH21, AHR36B3XH21, AHV18B3XH21, AHV24B3XH21, AHV30B3XH21, AP18BX21, AP24BX21, AP30BX21, AP36BX21, AVC18BX21, AVC24BX21, AVC30BX21, AVC36BX21

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 19 July, 2012.